Easy-care Plants: A Short List

I am often asked which houseplants are easy-care and low maintenance. I am also asked which of those plant are pet safe.  Their question inspired me to come up with this short list.

The plants listed with “pet safe” label are deemed as dog and cat friendly by the ASPCA and a few other sources because of its low toxicity levels.  Every plant has some level of toxicity, even the “pet safe” plants.  It is the plant’s natural way to protect itself.  In “pet safe” plants, toxicity is not high enough to be harmful to humans or pets.  You should still exercise caution when it comes to your beloved pets and children.

Easy-care plants list:

  • aloe vera
  • zebra cactus (haworthia attenuata) – pet safe
  • string of pearls
  • Christmas cactus – pet safe
  • tillandsia air plants (any variety) – pet safe
  • pseudorhipsalis ramulosa
  • lepismium
  • Chinese evergreen (aglaonema)
  • spider plant (chlorophytum) – pet safe
  • dracaena (any variety including lucky bamboo)
  • dieffenbachia
  • hoya carnosa – pet safe
  • hoya obovata – pet safe
  • white rabbit foot fern (human tyermanii) – pet safe
  • marble queen pothos (epipremnum aureus)
  • pothos philodendron
  • heart leaf philodendron
  • monstera adansonii
  • peperomia (most varieties) – pet safe
  • pilea – pet safe
  • rubber plant (ficus elastica)
  • snake plant (sansevieria)
  • staghorn fern (platycerium bifercatum) – pet safe
snake plant beside taro and palm plant near gray wall
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Lorna Hawkins
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