Get to know us and our mission

La Linda Flor… translation… “the pretty flower“

Who We Are

We offer a beautiful collection of succulent plants and cacti arrangements that are easy to grow and maintain indoors. 

We love unique plants and believe in incorporating an elements of nature within the home, office, or both. Adding a touch of green to a minimalist or maximalist decor, gives character and a sense of serenity.   Yes, plants do help purity the air we breath.

Lorna Hawkins, Founding Partner

Our Mission

The most unique plants we specialize in are not complicated to grow and nurture. We believe that anyone can grow and nurture a plant if it is the right plant for the your indoor space and the right information to be a successful “plant parent”.  This means knowing and understanding how the plant naturally grows so that it can thrive in your home or office.

We want to share our passion and knowledge for plant care with you.  As a retailer, our mission is to ensure your plant care success.  We know that not all living spaces are created equal. Moisture, light, temperature, and water quality are factors for choosing the right plant. Other considerations are plants for pet and child-friendly spaces. We believe there are plants for everyone and every living situation. Visit our Blog for information and care instructions to help you make the best plant choice. 

Shop with us.  Our products are popular indoor succulent plant varieties like haworthia, sedum, and crassula; cactus varieties; and Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides).  We also have bundles for collectors and gift givers and our handmade 100% soy candles (totally vegan). 

Team Bio

Lorna (Founding Partner) is resident candle artisan and gardener. She developed her knowledge and skill for plant care and cultivation, starting with designing her outdoor garden. With years of trial and error, she learned which plants thrive and which ones don’t. Over time, Lorna’s outdoor garden began to spread indoors. She has over 60 indoor plants in her personal collection, both tropical and desert varieties. Tillandsia air plants, succulents, and cactus plants are her favorites.

Ruthie (Founding Partner) is also gardener with an eye for interior design. Her plant preferences are the tropical plants. Much of Ruthie’s gardening is indoors. Living in a climate where seasonal and air quality changes are extreme, it is a challenge to raise tropical plants year-round. Over the years, Ruthie learned which plants work for her home regardless of season.